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Do you happen to have the link to the video where Jen wins a game? Something about bobsponge, haha. —imshiftingears

I do, and it’s from this interview with Fandango.

I saw catching fire on thursday too I cannot stop thinking about it was f ing brilliant I can't wait for it to come out on dvd aND MOCKINGJAY!!!!!!! —Anonymous

You and me both, friend!

November 25th — and with 6 notes

Do you have a link to the interview where Jen flips Josh off? It's a pretty recent interview. —doctortaywhore

I do! It’s this interview with Popsugar :)

Do you have the link to the interview of your gif below? —soiamkenzie

I’m not sure what time you sent this, so hopefully I have the one you’re referring to. I think it’s this video, about 8 minutes 50 seconds in.

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Got the link to the gif of jen josh and liam waving to the camera?? —Anonymous

I don’t think I have that particular one, sorry! If anyone does though, please send it my way!

UPDATE: Second video on this page

November 24th — and with 0 notes

have you seen catching fire yet?! —Anonymous

I have! I saw it on Thursday and thought it was incredible!

November 24th — and with 2 notes

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"This is making me very aggressive and competitive and I’m sorry!" (x)

Josh: [Interviewers] ask if you bring your Oscar to set. Who does this?

Hi just wanted to share a little Jennifer Lawrence fan art. It´s on my tumblr. HUGS!!!! —migueldelicado

Very cool! Check it out!

November 23rd — and with 2 notes

It’s so good, Josh!

Hey, can you tell me the link of the video that Josh says to Jennifer that she should try the caramel popcorn? The one that you posted yesterday? I can't find it. Thanks :) —Anonymous

It’s right here :)

November 22nd — and with 9 notes

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