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Jennifer getting overly excited when she wins a game on Fandango

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Josh: Have you had Arclights [caramel corn] before? It’s the best.

Jen + food = amazingness

Do you know where I can find the catching fire interview of Jen freaking out over Josh's photo from when he was younger? I think they were talking to ET but I can't find it on youtube... —Anonymous

I think I know the video you’re talking about but I can’t seem to find it either! Sorry! If anyone has a link, please let me know :)

UPDATE: Here it is!

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Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks + Candy Bracelets.

The Faces of Jennifer Lawrence turned 2 today!

Happy anniversary everyone! Thanks for hanging out with me :)

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The only time I tell myself to hold back is when I watch it and I'm like, "Oh my God, you have to find a prettier crying face." - Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence + Google Hangout.

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Jen’s reaction to being told she’s the Queen of tumblr

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Who peed in the water the most?

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